How to Export Gmail Email to PST with Easy Methods

Are you looking for some way to export Gmail emails to a PST file? So you’ve arrived at the right location. As you may be aware, Gmail serves as a vital link for large and small businesses to communicate with one another. This post will show you how to export Gmail emails to PST format in every available way.

What is PST?

PST is a Microsoft Outlook configuration that creates a personal storage table. Microsoft Outlook is a desktop email client. It’s part of the Microsoft Office suite. It has the advantage of allowing you to browse Gmail emails to PST and connect directly to individuals in the Outlook environment.

Advantages of PST File Format

• PST is a small file format. Data can be appropriate compared from a system and emulated in an external storage device.
• PST files with restricted access can be easily saved.
• Outlook consists of two components. The first is for Windows, and the second is for Mac OS X. Furthermore, using Google’s GAMMO tool, PST can be offered to multiple Gmail/G Suite accounts.

Why Does User need to Export Gmail Email to PST Format?

• The most common reason for this is to secure Gmail emails from the disastrous event of data loss.
• When you need to export data from your Gmail account to the Outlook system.
• Gmail data can be backed up in PST format when an employee leaves the company.

Note:- In the sections that follow, you’ll learn how to manually as well as professionally export Gmail Email to PST file format.

Method 1:- Export Gmail Email to PST Format in Manually Way

Many Gmail users believe that Google Takeout is a restaurant. Google Takeout is a software application that can back up Gmail data on your computer. It does not, however, save the data in PST format, but instead exports Gmail emails in MBOX format. As a result, using this workaround is a waste of time. Overall, there is no manual way to export Gmail emails to PST without installing Outlook.

Step 1:- Firstly, In Takeout, enter your login information.

Step 2:- Secondly, scroll down and then select the “Mail” section.

Step 3:- After that, select the desired label and click on the “OK” button.

Step 4:- Next, choose the delivery mode, and click on the “Create Archive” button.

Step 5:- Finally, Login to Gmail account, Check the emails sent by Google Takeout in your Gmail account, and click on the “Download Archive button”.

Step 6:- Begin exporting Gmail emails to a local drive in zip format.

Some Drawbacks of Using Manual Methods

• If your internet connection goes down during the Takeout process, you must restart the download using the same steps.
• It does not guarantee that all data is downloaded to the local machine.
• This method is very risky due to the risk of data loss, as well as, it is time-consuming method.
• Moreover, you must have Outlook on your system.

Note:- Don’t be sad, if you’re having trouble exporting Gmail emails to PST, here’s a simple solution.

Method 2:- Export Gmail Email to PST with Professional Tool

The user can also export Gmail emails directly to a PST file using the direct approach. Users can easily preserve Google account data by using a third-party software. SysTools Gmail Backup Tools is among the best software since it quickly makes a comprehensive backup file and data repositories. So, let’s have a look at how to export Gmail Email to PST in the steps below.

How to Use this Software

Step 1:- Firstly, click on the “Download” button, and install the software.


Step 2:- Secondly, “login” with your Gmail id and password.


Step 3:- After that, select the “PST” file format.


Step4:- Now, choose the final “Destination Location” and click on the “OK” button.


Step 5:- To delete the emails downloaded from the Gmail account, click the “Delete After Download” button.


Step 6:- Finally, press on the “Start” button, and then software will start the exporting process.


Benefits of Gmail Backup Software

• Your data can be exported in a variety of languages.
• Furthermore, software that is completely safe and secure.
• This software supports a variety of file types, including MBOX, MSG, EML, CSV, and PDF.

Final Words:- This article shows how to export Gmail emails to PST format in a variety of ways, including both manual and professional procedures. The manual approach is time-consuming and harmful, but you can alternatively choose the professional way for guaranteed outcomes.


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